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What causes pump cavitation? When the inlet pressure of a water pump falls below pump design specifications, tiny vapor bubbles can form in the water around the eye of the impeller. When the water containing these bubbles is forced into a high pressure environment on the other side of the impeller, these bubbles collapse, thereby creating tiny shock waves and points of high temperature. These shock waves can actually corrode the surface of the impeller. To prevent cavitation, always be sure to operate your water pump within its pressure and flow specifications.
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What is an air lock? An air lock occurs when large pockets of air are drawn into the inlet side of the water pump. This essentially acts as a void, and can prevent the pump from drawing in water. Not only will this decrease (or even stop) pump performance, it can be very damaging as well. If the air pocket is drawn through the impeller and into an area of high water pressure, the bubbles will collapse and create large shock waves that will severely damage the pump.